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Vicodin Rehab in Pittsburgh PA

Many people using Vicodin try to wean themselves off the drug on their own. Unfortunately, this can be very unsuccessful and can prevent a person from achieving sobriety. Rather than trying to go cold turkey, a Vicodin addict is best served by a professional drug rehab facility like Jade Wellness Center in Pittsburgh PA, located in Monroeville. Medical staff there can help a recovering addict get through their symptoms with less discomfort and significantly more confidence. By trusting their rehab experience to professionals, they give themselves a better chance at recovery and sobriety. Withdrawal symptoms from Vicodin are not likely to cause physical danger, but it can allow a potentially deadly addiction to continue untreated.

Vicodin Twelve Step Programs in Pittsburgh

Drug treatment efforts have long used the twelve step program as part of their foundation. It is highly successful and support groups are in communities around the world. This approach focuses on a progression of steps through an addict’s recovery.

The first steps are grounded in acceptance of the addiction, which can be challenging in and of itself. Drug rehab centers like Jade Wellness use this approach to help addicts establish a goal of staying sober. A person who can stay accountable with their addiction and connected with their twelve support system after getting Vicodin rehab help has a good chance of maintaining sobriety.
Vicodin Rehab in Pittsburgh

Vicodin Rehab in Pittsburgh and ongoing support is critical at Pittsburgh's Premiere drug rehab JADE Wellness in Monroeville, PA.

Vicodin Group Counseling in Pittsburgh

Group counseling sessions are an important part of your drug rehab program. The group environment offers something that conversation with friends and individual counseling just can’t touch. It is a constantly changing dynamic that breaks through masks or facades, lifts people up, and stirs up new ideas. Structure, paired with emotional support allows addicts to speak openly and develop trust.

Vicodin Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Pittsburgh

Dual diagnosis rehab treats both mental illness and a drug or alcoholism addiction simultaneously. Drug rehabs who treat both conditions will have licensed professionals trained specifically for dual diagnosis treatment. Research has shown that addicts with mental illness do better when their treatment is simultaneous. You can find dual diagnosis treatment offered at some traditional drug rehab centers. Many drug rehab centers treat dual diagnosis disorders exclusively. Regardless of what facility an addict chooses, it is most important to be sure the staff has the proper experience and training for dual diagnosis treatment.

Vicodin Recovery Planning in Pittsburgh

Drug addicts get guidance from professional rehab counselors about living a sober life. But the counselors don’t create a recovery plan by themselves. The addict has an active part in designing their plans for life after rehab. Are they stable enough to go home right away? Or do they need a sober living arrangement for a few months? What twelve step support groups are in their area? How do they talk with their family about their addiction? These are just some of the issues a drug counselor and addict might discuss as they create a custom designed recovery plan. Jade Wellness Center can help clear the fog of planning after Vicodin rehab in Pittsburgh