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Alcoholism And Drug Rehab Must Include The Family (03.16.10 11:12 am)

Treatment of the whole family has been a way of life for American Family Institute AFI for 30 years. American Family Institute aka (early years) Madison Family Institute and Madison Family Institute/DePaul Hospital was the first multi faceted and multi disciplined licensed treatment programs to include the equal treatment of affected family members. Now family members can receive help with or without an identified patient in treatment. The identified patient with mental health and/or addiction problems often follows the family into treatment using the equal based or California Model of Recovery.

Since 1979, American Family Institute has welcomed affected family members to receive intervention, education and treatment on the same level of care and intensity as that traditionally offered to the identified psyche, alcohol or drug addict person. “Most traditional treatment programs only treat the family as a secondary consideration to the needs of the primary patient” states Dr. Dan. “We prefer to treat the most motivated family members immediately, not just wait for the sickest to get around to giving us a call.”

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