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Medication Assisted Treatment

Like no one person is alike, neither is their journey through recovery. Jade Wellness Center is one of few outpatient providers in Pennsylvania who offer multiple tracks of medication assisted treatments, including but not limited to; Outpatient Ambulatory Detoxification, Suboxone Maintenance, Vivitrol and ReVia services, Antabuse, and Subutex for pregnant or breast feeding women. All medication assisted treatment services are combined with therapeutic services in order to support the changes necessary for recovery.

Suboxone Doctors Taking Patients

Medication Assisted Treatment. Ongoing support is critical at Pittsburgh's Premiere drug rehab JADE Wellness


Jade Wellness Center now offers the new medication assisted treatment Vivitol for those individuals who suffer from alcohol and opiate dependence.

Vivitrol (naltrexone) blocks the effects of narcotic medicines and alcohol.

Vivitrol is used to treat addiction to alcohol or narcotic drugs. It is also used to prevent narcotic addiction relapse. It is used along with a complete management program.

What is Vivitrol?

  • Monthly Injection
  • Non-narcotic medication that blocks the effects of alcohol and opiates to the brain
  • Reduces urges and cravings for alcohol and opiates
  • Non-addicting
  • Gives the brain time to heal

Who can take Vivitrol?

  • Those with a desire to become abstinent from opiate and/or alcohol dependency
  • Those using alcohol must be free from alcohol for a minimum of 24 hours
  • Those using opiates must be free from opiates (depending on use) for a minimum of 5 to ten days.

Like our Suboxone Program, therapy is mandatory with Vivitrol. Call Jade Wellness today and make your first assessment!

Suboxone Program

Suboxone, a FDA approved prescription medication used to treat opioid dependence.


What makes JADE Wellness Center’s Suboxone Program unique? JADE Wellness Center takes the time to get to know the individual entering treatment. Each and every client wishing to enter the Suboxone program shall be evaluated by a licensed clinician who will determine appropriateness for said medication.


Following therapeutic evaluation the individual will be scheduled intensive one on one time with the JADE physician and registered nurse. All JADE medical staff are well versed and specialize in addiction treatment. Not only does JADE Wellness Center work with each new client individually to find the dose that best suits them, versus assuming a one size fits all model, JADE Wellness Center performs a history and physical on all new patients when applicable to ensure each patient is at their healthiest state.


JADE Wellness Center understands each individuals relationship with medication assisted treatment shall vary. That is why JADE offers numerous levels of care to meet you where you are at. While our end goal for each individual is abstinence, there is no timeframe for how long someone should be on Suboxone. JADE has devised numerous step down models of therapy that will work with the client as they progress through the treatment experience.



Being pregnant is overwhelming enough without having to worry about where to turn for treatment. At JADE Wellness Center our Doctors and Counselors specialize in treating pregnant substance users. Medication assisted treatment is available for the pregnant population and JADE Wellness Center’s physicians have over a decade of combined years treating them appropriately.

In this day and age Buprenorphine is considered the first line of defense in treatment for pregnant opiate users. At JADE we will work with you and your ob-gyn to devise the plan very best for you and your unborn child.