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JADE Wellness Center is located in Monroeville, PA and committed to provide an outlet to drug addiction through individualized treatment plans, which include Medication Assisted Treatment and counseling.

Drug Addiction Treatment in Pittsburgh:
JADE Wellness Center

A Premiere Outpatient Substance Abuse Rehab Offering a Wide Array of Services Pertaining to Drug and Alcohol Addiction, Including Medication Assisted Treatment.

JADE Wellness Center is a premiere outpatient substance abuse treatment program located East of the Pittsburgh Area. Family owned and operated, Jade Wellness Center has a personal history of dealing with addiction and empathizes with each and every patient because we have been in your shoes and we know your pain.


Caring people changing lives through recovery.

At Jade Wellness Center, we treat a wide array of individuals young and old, male and female, specialized populations such as pregnant substance users, and many more! Our treatment methods and services are comprehensively designed to provide structure and to support your individual needs all under one roof. Our philosophy is “recovery starts at the door” as our friendly Treatment Team works with you to develop treatment goals within a program that supports you and the demands of your daily life. From counseling to medication assisted treatment tools such as, Suboxone and Vivitrol, you are sure to find the help you need at Jade Wellness Center.

Monroville PA based addiction treatment center, we pride ourselves on being ethically correct and putting you first.

JADE Wellness Center places great importance on the values of dignity, respect, understanding and honesty. These are the values that you can expect from our highly qualified and dedicated treatment team. Read more about the new outpatient drug rehab in Monroeville »


Best Vivitrol and Suboxone Treatmnet in Pittsburgh PA

If you are having issues with alcohol dependency in Pittsburgh or opiod dependency in Pittsburgh, turn to Jade Wellness. There are many new and modern treatments for substance addiction and Jade Wellness is on the cutting edge. We are one of the first centers to use Vivitrol in Pittsburgh » and we were the pioneers in using Suboxone in Pittsburgh.


We are a family-owned and family-operated business.

The owners of JADE Wellness Center have had real life experience with their own loved ones’ battles with addiction. As a result of this experience we offer a unique, caring approach supported by the hard facts of medically based evidence treatment protocol. Read more about JADE Wellness’ approach to Suboxone Treatment in Pittsburgh »