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Effects of Substance Abuse

Addiction is difficult to define. It is a disease with physiological, psychological, behavioral and moral implications. when a drug user can't stop taking a drug even if he wants to it's called an addiction. The urge is too strong to control, even if you know the drug is causing harm.

Effects of Substance Abuses

Effects of Substance Abuse and ongoing support is critical at Pittsburgh's Premiere drug rehab JADE Wellness

Effects of Substance Abuse on the individual

The effects of certain drugs like cocaine range from the high, to anxiety and an acute desire for more. Other drugs can bring overwhelming feeling of despair, nausea, cramps and delerium. With continued use, the individual's overall life can change for the worse putting them at higher risks for other problems including AIDS and other stds as well as criminal punishment from burglary to suppor the habit.

Effects of Substance Abuse on the Family

Addiction can disrupt family life and create patterns of codependency. Others can unwittingly enable the user out of fear of confronting them. Furthermore, pregnant mothers can dramatically affect their unborn children if they use while pregnant.

Effects of Substance Abuse on Society as a Whole

From Workplace productivity loss to violence, addiction impacts society as well as the individual. The majority of traffic deaths involve addiction issues as do violent crimes. Some gangs use minors as scouts becaues even if caught, they get lighter sentences.