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Our Story

Like Life, Recovery is a Journey


Dan's Wedding Day

As I am sure many people in the addiction field can relate, we did not choose this job. We did not wake up one day and say “I think, as a family, we will work in the field of drug and alcohol”. No, I do not imagine that to be something a mother says to her children. This job chose us. . .

For Lucy Garrighan, JADE’s Matriarch and CEO, the journey with addiction treatment began long before the birth of JADE Wellness Center in 2010. As the mother to two young adult sons suffering from the disease of addiction, Lucy searched near and far for the secret, for the answer to why this happened to her children and for a resolution that would “cure” them. Painstakingly, after seven years, relentless visits to treatment centers across the United States and the loss of her first born she arrived at the bitter truth: There is no secret. Addiction does not discriminate. It does not prey upon the weak or thrive upon the affluent. However, with one son still in front of her, growing into a better version of himself each and every day, she had to believe there were treatments, some better than others, that could lead to a life free of the demons of drugs and alcohol. Her son was living proof of that.

Wishing to take these things she had learned to produce successful outcomes in order to help others in ways she wished her older son could have been helped, JADE Wellness Center was born. It was not so much as a choice for Lucy Garrighan but a destiny. JADE, derived from the first letters of each of her children’s names, John, Jamie, Abbie, Dan and Emma, is Lucy and her adult children’s way of keeping the memory of her first born, John alive. Through JADE Wellness Center John’s good will and friendly spirit is able to not only live on but give back to others.

While some may consider JADE Wellness Center a selfless act, they will never know the hope the clients of JADE give the Garrighan Family. Over the past five years we have been so very fortunate to watch countless individuals grow into the very best versions of themselves. We thank these individuals for allowing us to have a purpose and promise as long you keep trying we will keep providing a place for you to turn, knowing we truly understand what you are going through. Never give up hope.

-The Garrighans