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Our Story

Like Life, Recovery is a Journey


Dan's Wedding Day

Like Dan, I don't regret my past or wish to shut the door on it. There are in fact many things that I wish could be changed about the past, however, I believe it plays an influential role in the future, who you are, and who you will be. Without my family's past there would be no Jade.

Jade, a family run business, started from an idea shared by a Mother and a Daughter in May of 2009. After six years in the trenches battling the disease of addiction with her two sons, Lucy Garrighan, knew this was a problem that was not going away. Seeing the good and the bad of so many treatment centers around the United States, Lucy knew how she wished for her sons to be treated in their most fragile condition during recovery, and wanted to provide a place of comfort for others trying to achieve this goal.

To Lucy and her daughter, Abbie, recovery was not only a fragile time for the patient but for the entire family involved. Wanting to share their knowledge of the disease and their passion for those who suffer from the disease of addiction as well as their families, Jade was born. Jade- John, Jamie, Abbie, Dan & Emma, or as I call it, my family.

John, my big brother, my hero, who grew up being bi-polar and even with the best support and resources, could never kick his illness. Our family lost John to the disease, but his soul lives on in all of us. There is not a day that goes by that he is not thought about. For it was the patients at Jade and their determination to come to treatment and get better that got my family and I through that dark time. Furthermore, it's John that pushes us forward, on a mission to stop the disease of addiction from taking another beautiful life that keeps us going every day.

Jamie, my baby sister growing up in this crazy world full of uncertainty is for whom our determination to want to make this world a better place comes from. Abbie, myself, a 24 year old young woman who has never touched a drug, but that's not to say I have not battled my own demons. Watching my best friends (my brothers) suffer day in and day out the past 8 years, there is nothing more I wanted to do than find a cure for this madness. While I consciously know there is no cure, I could never imagine doing anything else with my life and my education.

Dan, whose story many of you are familiar with. Born into an extremely loving family, as we all did, fortunate enough to enjoy "the finer things in life; vacations, loving siblings, great home, etc," Dan, like John and so many lost souls out there, was never immune from becoming an addict. It took Dan years to get it right, while my mother and I endured many sleepless nights. However, when Dan finally got clean, like everything he does in life, he truly excelled at it. Two years later, Daniele works part time at Jade, is going for his Bachelors in Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh, and has a loving wife and a beautiful baby boy of his own.

Emma, Johns beautiful little girl who everyday reminds us all of his beautiful spirit and enormous love for life and his family. It's this love that keeps us strong, keeps us motivated, and keeps Jade alive.

My family knows the spectrum of what addiction can do to a life. Addiction can show you your darkest hours as you bury your son, your brother, your best friend. Recovery from addiction can bring you light on those darkest days when you hold your son, your grandson or your nephew for comfort, swing your niece or granddaughter on the swing or take your little sister school shopping.

Jade was not started because we thought we were special and had this story to share. Jade was started because we knew we were not special and unfortunately there are millions of other families out there who have and will have to go through what we went through. We wish for our story to give you light in your own darkest hour. We wish to offer nothing but belief, hope and love. For, we live by the saying "love is all you need" spoken to us so many times by the one we lost, but the one we will never lose sight of. May he live on forever in Jade and may we help you in your recovery as so many of you have helped us in ours.

-Abbie E. Garrighan, Jade VP of Marketing and Operations